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An effective meeting?

Too many meetings do not deliver on their objectives. Too many meetings are a string of presentations and panels with little connections. Too many seminars lack sufficient dynamics, reducing the audience’s level of attention. Does this sound familiar to you and do you want something different to improve the effectiveness of your meeting?
MeetingMaestro® is a new solution to help you achieving this.

MeetingMaestro® focuses on delivering effective meetings, both in terms of content and flow – such that you as the initiator accomplish what you aim for to the satisfaction of the participants.

The power of music

All of us know the meaning of music. Relaxation, happiness, warmth, joy, peace – just a few feelings that music can evoke.
Activating these is a delicate combination of key, chords, rhythm, time, dynamics and the final performance by the instruments.
In MeetingMaestro’s view an effective meeting is to be designed on the same basis – working from determining the initial key to final performance.


Performing a musical well goes beyond professional musicians and a competent maestro: the musicians need to master their parts, the conductor has to interpret the score of the piece.
Preparations take considerably more time than the actual performance: studying the score, interpreting the musical piece and rehearsing will result ultimately in this one performance in which all instruments stand out.

This is what MeetingMaestro fulfils for meetings. Not just like the chairman who introduces speakers professionally and asks the right questions – but as the conductor who studies the score, interprets how to play it, speaks to the instruments and rehearses with them ánd performs ‘the musical piece’ as invented.

  • MeetingMaestro is not ‘another ordinary chairman’.
  • MeetingMaestro is fully involved in preparations – as this determines success.
  • MeetingMaestro directs the final performance – such that the tone stays in tune, the dynamics of the meeting show off at the right moments and the final chord closes the meeting in a clear way.

I have co-operated with Wim in a number of C-Suite meetings. Wim contributes in a fantastic way as a moderator, in which role he connects content, process and form with a lot of individuality and with a very pleasant style. I recommend Wim therefore strongly to deliver your meetings successfully both in terms of content and with respect to inspiration and form.

Mando VrolingManaging director Transformation Forums

A seminar or event will be successful only when the participants are motivated and enjoy to participate.
Wim knows how to control the instruments to achieve the desired result. He warrants a solid preparation of the meeting with room for improvisation and flexibility. On the day itself he presents himself in a pleasant way, conducting the meeting in a subtle way and looking sharply at content and process. The outcome is an enthusiastic and committed performance of the score, with well-supported results.

Berry WammesExecutive Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants

Wim did an outstanding job in preparing and leading GRI’s strategic planning retreat. With Wim’s leadership the team came together, built trust and forged a strong an aligned plan to lead the organization into the future.

Tim MohinCEO, Global Reporting Initiative

As a panel member I have experienced Wim’s talent to lead a panel in a very constructive way and to get the best out of it.

Leen PaapeMember Executive Board, Nyenrode Business Universiteit

For your effective

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  • Events

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So how does it work?

If music fits in the day in a literal way, this has demonstrated to have significant added value to lift the meeting to another level of energy. I would be very pleased to connect you with my clients who have experienced this!

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