Inspiring approach with effect

MeetingMaestro’s approach is based on the building blocks of music – as applying these principles will result in the two key aspects of key importance for a meeting: the right content ánd the proper flow.

Let us explain the approach in six steps below.
You may not be too interested in the musical building blocks – then the left side will suffice. You may just be curious about the links between music and meetings – the right side shows the musical considerations through the eyes of the conductor in parallel, from analysis to performance.

I have co-operated with Wim in a number of C-Suite meetings. Wim contributes in a fantastic way as a moderator, in which role he connects content, process and form with a lot of individuality and with a very pleasant style. I recommend Wim therefore strongly to deliver your meetings successfully both in terms of content and with respect to inspiration and form.

Mando VrolingManaging Director Transformation Forums