Wim Bartels, pleasure to meet you.

The MeetingMaestro concept combines the various experiences of its founder
Wim Bartels into what makes MeetingMaestro unique. 


Flexible in form

Wim has served as a presenter in numerous ways and in many different forms: as a facilitator during the worldwide GRI conference in 2016, as the host and chairman of non-executive board member seminars, as panel chairman of a debate for the city council elections, as a radio host of a news show, as the host and chairman during conferences. This enables him to respond flexibly to all kinds of situations, knowing how to keep the audience’s attention.


Experienced it himself

Wim has presented at numerous occasions on sustainability and related topics such as trust, for large (1000+) as well as smaller groups, from 10 minutes to one-and-a-half hour, for sustainability professionals, young professionals, financial specialists and non-executive board members, in Amsterdam, New York, Mumbai, Rome and Budapest. He has also served on many panels – on that basis he has experienced it himself to be  ‘on the other side’ and knows how important good preparations and good chairmanship are.


Other perspective

Wim is a singer and trumpet player of a longstanding experience in many different musical styles, from pop to classical, from auditory to parties, from piano only to a complete orchestra, from 20 observers to 500, from concert hall to pop stage. He has performed solo with an orchestra, but also  organised a evenings of theatre. As a lead singer he has experience in sensing the vibe in the audience and knows how to adapt to it.


Understanding the context

Wim has 25 years of experience in finance, integrity, fraud prevention and sustainability – for small and predominantly large organisations, family-owned businesses and listed companies, from oil companies to banks, in The Netherlands and in other European countries, from operational management to non-executive board members. He knows the ins and outs and understands the dynamics in larger organisations from the inside

A seminar or event will be successful only when the participants are motivated and enjoy to participate.
Wim knows how to control the instruments to achieve the desired result. He warrants a solid preparation of the meeting with room for improvisation and flexibility. On the day itself he presents himself in a pleasant way, conducting the meeting in a subtle way and looking sharply at content and process. The outcome is an enthusiastic and committed performance of the score, with well-supported results.

Berry WammesExecutive Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants